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charli 059-2Grady do guardian 8 weeks old, sold to Guy Galeggous







dory, glenn and the crew
Hi Joanie!

I didn’t get a chance to send out cards (or even do any shopping) this year. My dad just got out of the hospital and is staying with me. He had bladder cancer and had to have his bladder removed. Very difficult operation for him as he’s in his 80’s and there were some complications. But he’s here and he’s recovering so all is well!

I think someone stole my goofy Stryker puppy and replaced him with a mature dog. He is so gentle with my father and walks beside him so my dad can hold onto his collar if he loses his balance. My dad stops – Stryker stops – always there to catch him if he falls. When my dad needs help getting off of the couch – Stryker’s right there and my dad holds onto his collar and gets up with his help. Amazing to watch.

We love this puppy so much!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Dory, Glenn and the crew

carlos santana
Carlos Santana
8 weeks old

Sharkauhn Do Guardian
Sharkauhn Do Guardian
Sold to Filas Lions Den

5 months
Owner: Dory Kowal
Breeder: Lone Wolf Filas
Winner: Best of Breed
Winner: Best Pup

3 weeks
image in folder

3 weeks

Lobo 8 Weeks and Lobo at 12 months

Fawn Female
12 weeks

Best of Breed Pup
12 weeks

Indian Champion Major Do Guardian
Indian Champion Major Do Guardian Breeder Lonewolf Filas
Owner Baloo Bhat of India

OL Cracker and his 5 week old fila pup King Kong.

This is a perfect proof of true love.
It’s amazing and very impressive, how much love, trust and affection Konan shows too Dayyan. (Our grandson). After raising another breed for more then 20 years, I now realize that Fila Brasilia is the best family-dog of the whole world. I’m very, very thankful to you, Joanie, in giving me the opportunity in achieving Konan. This is the best thing ever happen to us in our experience with the dog world.

Thanks and God bless you.
The Bishops

The Bishop’s

Lone Wolf Filas guardian kennels is relocating to Florida on August 30th 2018. The new address is 7101 NE 195th Street in Citra, Florida 32113. Our phone number is still 352-595-0865.