Breed History

All the roots of the Fila Brasileiro are unknown. But we do know the Fila emerged partly from English Mastiffs, Bullenbeissers “Ancient Bulldogs” and Blood Hounds. Traits from all three of these breeds can be seen in the Fila Brasileiros appearance, and working abilities. They can herd cattle, catch hogs, run 35 miles per hour and they are excellent search dogs. In the 1800’s the Portuguese nobility sought refuge in Brazil. They came on English ships along with their dogs. One of the dogs was a Fila Terceirence “now extinct” along with the Bulldogs that the English brought. In 1815 Portugal and Brazil became a single nation. Fila Brasileiros were used in Brazil to hunt Jaguars, jungle warfare, protect goldmines, catch run away slaves, among other chores. How it all happened we will never be sure exactly. We are sure the Fila is a wonderful dog. A Fila Brasileiro has great courage, determination, and a great love for family and master.

Lone Wolf Filas guardian kennels is relocating to Florida on August 30th 2018. The new address is 7101 NE 195th Street in Citra, Florida 32113. Our phone number is still 352-595-0865.